10 Tips For Creating A Successful Laptop Lifestyle

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Everyone has dreams. For many people, the dreams they have are all about fashioning a life for themselves that fits perfectly in every way. A constant income stream is a must. 

If you’ve always dreamed of your own business that would fit with your lifestyle and provide that steady income stream, a laptop lifestyle is for you. 

Below you will find 10 general tips for creating a successful laptop lifestyle.

As you create your online business, you’ll discover all that a laptop lifestyle can do for you – it’s not just a way of working, it is a way of living.

Affiliate marketing for example is one of the ways to a create laptop lifestyle and I’ll write more about it soon.

If you’ve always dreamed of walking away to a better life and write your own paycheque, here are a few general tips to get you on the road to success:

1. Capital in Place

Capital is a fund that any business owner uses to fund their business plans. One of the best things about a laptop lifestyle is that you don’t need much capital to bring it to life. 

When you create an online business, it takes very little capital to make use of proven techniques like affiliate marketing. Basically, you are investing in a laptop and a good internet connection – that’s essentially it for starters.

2. Do Your Research 

Research is another crucial foundation of any plans for the life you want. You’ll want to turn to experts for help. Experts can walk you through the basics of things such as how to create online business and get started in affiliate marketing for instance.

When I say experts, this could also mean good mentors, who would coach, guide and support you on your journey. 

I will touch on that topic more and also talk about my mentor in the coming posts so, stay tuned 🙂

Also this web site could double as a resource as you take your first steps on this exciting journey.

3. A Family Affair 

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Any kind of business should ideally involve every member of the family. Each person is affected by the business in some way. Small kids can be set to do chores like cleaning up their rooms. Older kids can be asked to supervise children while other family members focus on the requirements of specifics such as affiliate marketing efforts. 

This is a real deal, if you’re gonna be working from the comfort of your home, kids must help in some way – the reward will be time to spend together!

Also, maybe by having kids, you are in on the latest and greatest kids toys or other gadgets, clothing, courses and such so you could become an affiliate for that or start a blog and YouTube channel and focus on such topics to build a worthy following? 

4. Find a Buddy 

Finding a buddy to help is another way to increase the chances of success with a lifestyle business. A buddy should ideally share the same goals and same desire to see them to fruition. Reach out and find people who understand your plans to create online business. You’ll both benefit from the feedback or a joint venture. 

5. Make a Plan 

Any person who is intent on seeing this dream a true reality needs a plan. You can make a plan any time you like – even right now! 

A plan should include concrete examples of your goals and a commitment to making them come true – set a tangible, palpable goal for yourself and feel it, visualize it, become it – believe it – the universe will conspire to help you once you resolve to make it happen. There’s no time like the present to begin the rest of your life. 

Of course this all sounds abstract, but I will write more on each of these topics to share my journey and help you start yours.

6. Short Term and Long Term Goals

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All those who want to have a successful laptop lifestyle should think about their immediate plans as well as any plans they have going forward. It’s time to think about where you plan to be in six weeks, six months and six years and also what income you want for yourself.

Reset that financial thermostat that’s holding you back and aim big. You want to think ahead and then beyond it. Now is the time to get it all in place. 

You’re going to be somewhere in six weeks so let that be a place on the way to your success.

Important thing to do is to write those goals down, materialize them in that way and be accountable to yourself for making them happen. Write down the steps to achieving them and get busy.

7. Self Love and Confidence

One of the most essential ingredients in any plan to create online business is your own self love and sense of innate confidence. You know you can do it. You have the power inside of yourself to make your life a better place. Think about what you do well. If you can learn to play a sport, care for a baby and balance a checkbook, you have the talent needed to bring that affiliate marketing business plan to the world and make it flourish. 

Self love also means self growth – to be and stay competitive in a digital economy, you need to constantly learn, improve and expand horizons. Take courses – there are free online courses on everything from creative writing to world history to global health to python programming to facebook marketing etc. Keeping you intellectual saw sharp is an essential requirement – more on that in the coming posts!

For now, check out www.edx.org for some excellent FREE courses from universities like Harvard and MIT.

8. Time Each Day 

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Any kind of business needs a lot of time to get it off the ground. One of the many wonderful things about this type of business is just how little it takes to bring it to life.

You don’t have to spend all your free time working on affiliate marketing. All you need is some time each day. You’ll be stunned and delighted at just how quickly it all begins to jell. 

But remember, it does require consistency. It does require persistence. You should be able to consistently invest time day after day, even if it’s just an hour, but this hour has to be there each day without exception. Persevere and you will succeed!

9. Working Hard

Hard work is the very foundation of any business. Don’t be afraid of hard work. When it comes to the lifestyle business, all of your hard work goes to yourself. You’re not working for someone else. You’re working for yourself. 

Keep that in mind as you put in the effort. Everything you do when you work on this plan is what will set you on the road  to financial and geographical freedom. 

10. Reaching For the Stars 

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Ultimately the real privilege of a lifestyle business is that the possibilities are truly unlimited. When you go to work, you earn a set salary – you trade your time for some amount of money.

When you head to the world of lifestyle business, anything is possible. You can earn as much as you want. You’re not tied to a specific income that must be able to meet all of your needs. 

Instead, you can earn as much as you like; even as you sleep.

All you have to do is believe in yourself, put in the hard work and be willing to see what you can get out of it. 

You’ll find that your life can be your own again. No boss over your head, no commute to work and no stressful deadlines and dress codes.

All you have to do is be willing to reach out for it and face the uncertainty. It’s all there awaiting your discovery right now.

Uncertainty is the greatest enemy of growth – but this is where miracles happen.

From freelance marketing to creating a website and affiliate marketing, the world at your laptop is wide open. 

You’ll discover that there are incredible resources just waiting for you to find them. 

My aim is to help you find them and help you use them by sharing my own journey, tips and ideas for growing a successful online business.

If you are anything like me then I know what you want when it comes to making your favored ideas a total reality. I’ve been there and I am still walking the path and learning, growing, changing. 

I’ll be posting more on this topic and my goal is to provide tools, resources and encouragement to enable people to face the fear of uncertainty and break the 9 to 5 monotony. 9 to 5 life is ready for the dustbin of history – it’s a concept that is increasingly obsolete in the digital world. 

Break Free.


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